Hakukoneilla löytää Dimitri Orlovin (eri kuin jääkiekkoilija) juttuja, esimerkiksi puheen After the Financial Crisis, Civil War?. Hänen minuuttinsa parrasvaloissa johtuu Yhdysvaltojen romahduksen ennustamisesta Neuvostoliiton romahduksesta vedettyjen analogioiden avulla. Menemättä näihin väitteisiin en malta olla jakamatta mainitussa puheessa esitettyjä perusteluja autoteollisuuden lopettamiseksi.

Orlovin mukaan uusien autojen valmistus kannattaisi lopettaa: ” In my book, I advocated banning the sale of new cars, as was done in the US during World War II. The benefits are numerous. First, older cars are overall more energy-efficient than new cars, because the massive amount of energy that went into manufacturing them is more highly amortized. Second, large energy savings accrue from the shutdown of an entire industry devoted to designing, building, marketing, and financing new cars. Third, older cars require more maintenance, reinvigorating the local economy at the expense of mainly foreign car manufacturers, and helping reduce the trade deficit. Fourth, this will create a shortage of cars, translating automatically into fewer, shorter car trips, higher passenger occupancy per trip, and more bicycling and use of public transportation, saving even more energy. Lastly, this would allow the car to be made obsolete on the about the same time scale as the oil industry that made it possible. We will run out of cars just as we run out of gas.”


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